Quiet Meditation Music is dedicated to your well being, to relaxation and meditation through the music. Ideal for massage session, yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy, hypnosis,...


All our music are specifically composed for this purpose and based on restorative frequencies tuning for body and mind.

Tuned on specific frequencies as the 432Hz considering as the healing frequency, the music have the power to cure.

The more you will listen and train your mind, the more your internal stress will decrease, your positive energy and focus will grow, your spirit will be more calm. Also the music is very good for a better sleep and problem of insomnia.

What is the 432hz frequency ?

432Hz is the 54e harmonic frequency of the 8Hz, known as referred to as the ‘heartbeat of the planet', link to our biology and DNA.

All our music and instruments are tuned in this specific frequency in order to equilibrate the left and right hemispheres of our brain.

Background Sound-design Therapy

Find the perfect sound / background noise such as water sound from the lake, the singing of the locusts, the sound of the forest in order help you o relax more deeply and dream !

You will find in our music-shop Music mixed with sound and also Solo Background album.  They can be very helpful for sleeplessness and titinus by taking your attention off the sound that disturb you. Need to practice meditation and relaxation without music ? Listen to our "Sound of nature Vol1" and "Sound of the Water" Album.


The Ambition of Quiet Meditation Music is your Wellness ! 

All music, sounds and videos are under the copyright of Daïdana Music



Let yourself be lulled by the continuous sound of a swiss montain stream, relax music tuned at 432Hz and the magic sound of the Hang. (musical instrument in the idiophone class) or just relax with beautiful solo background sound from the nature.

Every album is unique. You will find aswell "Sleep version" album.


Click below to listen to it !





Find our best relaxing music with beautiful videos of nature shot by our team. You find long version of our music for a perfect meditation experience !

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