All our Albums are available on all Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, AppleMusic, Youtube Music...

Here you can find exclusive versions with long durations !

The Murmur Of Trees

1. In the Forest

2. The Murmur of Trees

3. Temple of Serenity

4. Rain of Stars

5. Lost in the Night

6. Voice of the Woods

7. Scents of the Forest

Ambient music

432Hz music




Lost In Space

1. Space Odissey

2. Deep Univers

3. Gravity

4. Lost In Space

5. I Found A Letter On Mars

6. Lost In Space (24min)*

*Bonus web version :

+ the 5 tracks mixed all in one for a full continuous 24 min journey into relaxation.

Ambient music

432Hz music



A Journey Into Happiness

1. Deep Focus

2. Wild Dream

3. Secret Island

4. A Journey Into Happiness

5. Medley Album (20min)*

*Bonus web version :

+ the 4 tracks mixed all in one for a full continuous 20 min journey into relaxation.

Ambient music

432Hz music




Background Nature Sound Vol1

(5 - 15 - 30min versions)

1. Birds of the forest

2. Background stream 1

3. Night Rain

4. The song of the crickets

5. Swiss Waterfalls

Background Nature Sound Vol1 is composed only by recorded sounds from the forest and the montain available in 3 durations format. 

Perfect for meditation, massage, yoga, relaxation without music.

Also available on Spotify, Deezer, AppleMusic... but only 4min40 duration each perfect for your own playlist.

The Power of Water

1. Enter into the water

2. Follow the Hang

3. Voice of the Sea

4. Hang Vibrations

5. The Power of Water (20min) *

6. Deep into the water

7. Deep into the water (18min) **

* Compilation of the first four tracks in continuous listening (without pause). It is the perfect lenght for a deep meditation.

** The two last tracks "Deep into the Water" and the 18min version are composed for a deeper meditation cession.

Stream sound

432Hz music

Hang percussion


Background Nature Sound Vol1


The 5 nature sounds ambiance from Background Nature Sound Vol1 in a special Sleep version of 25min duration each.

All sound are optimised for helping people to fall asleep : the high frequencies and the volume of the sound go down step by step until 25min.
Those background noises can be helpful also for titinus by taking your attention off the sound that disturb you.

So you don't have to do anything, it will stop the sound naturaly !

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